Amp Blogger free premium templates

Amp Blogger free premium templates
Amp Blogger free premium templates

Amp Blogger free premium templates

As you all know it is very important for a website to be super fast for ranking and today we will talk about how you can make your website fast by using Amp blogger free premium templates.

Amp Blogger free premium templates is one of the popular topics amoung Bloggers. If you don’t know much about it then continue with this article.

What is amp?

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. It is an open source framework that was launched as a joint initiative by Google and several other tech and publishing companies, with AMP it is possible to build simple mobile websites that almost load instantly. AMP’s features are reduced JavaScript and CSS, and the use of a content delivery network.

AMP also reduces the need for additional CSS requests and eliminates certain elements on the page, including bulky photos, multi-case calls to action, and much more backend code, which greatly speeds things up.

Why should we use Amp Blogger template?

Although the desktop is still Google’s main source of traffic, mobile traffic is also growing so fastly and is expected to be Google’s main source of traffic for years to come. AMP makes websites load extremely fast, if not instantly, on mobile.This gives users the best experience on mobile devices.

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Once Google rolls out the use of AMP outside of the Top Stories news carousel worldwide, it may be a little too late in the day to take benefits of launching your own AMP and steal a march on your rivals.

How to use Amp Blogger free premium templates?

Amp blogger free premium templates

Now, you may install AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to your blogger blog with simple customization in your HTML template. It’s really very easy and doesn’t require any expert. You can do it yourself.

Before implementing Amp in your blogger site, you must backup the site so that you have your data stored in case of emergency.

Best amp blogger free premium templates

In the Best amp blogger free premium templates today, we have the best and user friendly and free premium amp blogger template  which ranks quickly in Google.

1. Infinity

The infinite free premium amp blogger themes are created by Arlina, a blogger professional. It is one of the best SEO implemented Amp blogger templates. And it is a widely distributed free amp Blogger premium theme. It has many features like SEO Friendly, an attractive Look, ultra-responsive, dynamic heading, footer menu, etc.

2. Megumin

Arleth Desz is the creator of this free premium blogger amp template. It is a attractive and best user-friendly AMP powered blogger template. It has many features like best AMP, valid Structured Data, fast load, Adsense ready, etc.

3. Mag one

This fast amp Blogger theme is developed by a group of people. It comes with many features like SEO friendly, simple, clean, breadcrumb, etc. and it is a easily customizabe and responsive blogger free amp template.

4. BlogAMP

Basri Matindas was the original creator of this amazing and popular amp Blogger free premium template. It comes with many amazing features like ready ads section, clear responsive, attractive post structure, fast page speed loading, etc.

5. Korve

Korve is one of the cleanest and attractive amp blogger themes which provides you well documented structure. It comes with many features like fast loading, seo optimized and fully responsive.

So I have told you about the 5 best amp blogger free premium templates that you can use to rank and fast your sites well.


I have given you all the information about the best amp blogger free premium templates in this post, like what is an amp, should we use Amp blogger templates, how can we use Amp blogger free premium templates in blogger, etc.

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