Telegram: Best ways to earn money from telegram 2023

In this article, we will talk about Telegram and how to earn money online from telegram without any investment in 2023.

Potential earning from telegram without any investment 2023

The gamepad has raised $ 65,000 funding by creating a game over telegram. That is, telegram was used by gamepad in game development and formed a company.

You can likewise earn money from telegram through different means. We will share with you 10 ways through which you can earn money from telegram.

What is telegram 2023?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app like Whatsapp. The telegram was initially started by 2 brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013.

Before 2013, Nikolai and Pavel used to run a social media company in Russia. This social media platform named V.K is very popular Than Facebook in Russia.

But Nikolai and Pavel did not listen to the Russian government and due to political pressure, they had to sell this company.

In 2013, he sold the company for 300 million and started telegram. And today in 2020 there are 400 million users of telegram and where there are people, there are also opportunities for earning money. So we will share 10 ways with you.

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Best 10 ways to earn money from telegram without any investment in 2023

As I told you all about the potential of earning by telegram, then it is now possible to know its best ways from which you can earn money online without any investment in 2023.

1. Short link

So the first and most easy way out of this is a short link. A short link means that we share a link. And if your audience clicks on that link, then you generate money.

You can make a channel and share any link by shortening it. Suppose you made a channel of Bollywood movies.

You shortened movie links or links to different web series. So whenever someone tries to download that link, you will get some money.

In this way, you can also share daily news or share market tips and earn money.

2. Affiliate marketing

Another way is to use an affiliate link. That is, a good audience has come to your channel, then you can also share your affiliate link with them.

That is, when anyone will buy goods through your link, you will get some part of it and the larger your audience, the more your income will increase.

You can also share your own product instead of an affiliate link. So, by giving free content, you have to create an audience and then income will start being generated.

3. Promotion method

The third way is by promoting. Today, the telegram has reached 400 million. For this, the app makers who have started using telegram for promotion.

If you also have a big channel Then you can also promote the app. or you can also promote a small tele-gram channel and earn a lot of money. And you can earn a lot of money.

4. Special earning method

Now using the method we are going to tell, many people have formed a company above the telegram. That is the way of bot development.

What is bot?

Bot means robotic channels that are used by many people in telegram. As if you have to pay in a Telegram, then you will use the payment bot.

If you have to send emoji then you will use emoji bot. That is, you can open anything from inside the telegram via bot. It depends on your imagination that which bot you create.

Even some people have made bot to fix the bot. So this is the best way to earn telegram money.

5. Generate traffic

Now there is a 5th way, by generating traffic. Suppose you have a blog or youtube channel, and there is not much traffic, then you can generate a lot of traffic by sharing your blog on the telegram channel.

And you can also share someone else’s blog. Through which you can generate income.

6. Subscription method

The 6th way is by charging subscription fees. Like if you are an expert in any field, instead of sharing your knowledge, you can charge fees.

If you are an expert in the share market, and you have a loyal audience, you can earn money by sharing trading tips. And to receive payment, the payment bot is there only.

But for this, you will have to become a master of a subject. Then people will pay you to subscribe.

7. Earning application referral method

The next way is through which some people have earned money above 10 lakhs. And that is by sharing the earning app.

Referral money is very high on earning app. And if you create such an audience that downloads the earning app from your link, then you will become rich.

You can also build loyal audience by giving tips and tricks of earning app.

8. Donation method

The next way is quite unique. But some people also use it well. And that method is a donation. If you do something or you have such a skill that people are ready to give you a donation to keep it.

There is a woman in Mumbai. Which takes donations from her audience to make bonsai. Keep some part to herself and all the money he takes to make bonsai.

9. Game development method

Through the method now, people have raised millions of funding. Gamepad company earned about 50 lakh rupees through this. And that way is by developing the game.

You can play games in the Telegram app. and there are a lot of people who can do game development within the Telegram app.

So if you can develop the game or if you are an expert in playing the game, you can generate income.

10. Sell channels method

The last way is by selling your telegram channel. Strange to hear, but many people build audience by giving free content. And sell their channel. And then make another channel.

By selling the entire channel, you can also generate a significant amount together.

So this is 10 ways you can make money. You can earn money online without any investment in 2023 easily, you just have to become creative and find opportunity in every single things. According to your skill, which method you liked more, definitely tell in the comment.


In this article, we have talked about best ways to earn money from social media application telegram. Telegram is one of the best and popular social media application from which you can earn lots of money. From these 10 ways which we have discussed in the article you can generate good amount of money. Read this article completely to know more about these methods.

If you found this article helpful then please share this with your friends and family. If you have any queries related to this topic then please let us know in the comment section below.

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