China is overtaking America in AI technology 2021

China is overtaking America in AI technology 2021
China is overtaking America in AI technology 2021

50 years ago china was one of the poorest countries in the world fast forward to today and china is one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world from blockchain to cyber security virtual reality to artificial intelligence, china is developing the future technologies that will change our world but one question remains can the world learn to trust china.

China is overtaking America in AI technology | Can we trust china tech?

I’m going to be presenting to you a few very interesting case studies of how ai technology is improving the lives of people in china but most importantly i’m going to also be presenting to you my argument on why the west should learn to trust china and its tech companies.

I believe that if we don’t the west could potentially be left behind in the future digital world that we live in in 2017 beijing announced the goal for china to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030 and while the united states is certainly a leader in the ai field it is inevitable that china will eventually dominate this industry take a look at this graph that highlights the amount of ai research being done in the world.

In 2005 china overtook the united states fast forward to today and china has a formidable lead over the united states and the amount of research and patents that it produces but here’s the interesting thing about the ai industry doing the most amount of research doesn’t necessarily give you a competitive advantage.

How China is overtaking America on technology

The reason for this is very simple ai is largely open source what that means is that most of the science and the algorithms behind the ai industry is actually public knowledge but to dominate this industry you also need large amounts of qualified people to analyse this data.

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How China is becoming so rich in technology?

Now this is a graph highlighting the countries with the most amount of stem graduates that’s science technology engineering and mathematics look at china 4.7 million compare that to the united states with just over half a million and you can see very easily why china is not only going to dominate the ai industry but potentially all of these digital industries in the future in addition to that china’s government is a hundred percent behind these industries.

They see this as an incredible opportunity to change the long-standing stereotype that everything made in china is simply cheap consumer goods have you ever heard of made in china 2025 this is a plan from the chinese government to upgrade the manufacturing capabilities of chinese industries growing away from labor-intensive workshops into a more technologically intensive powerhouse.

How Chinese government is behind AI?

What is the purpose of artificial intelligence and its role in humankind today in doing my research for today’s article i came across this quote from fabian vesta haida artificial intelligence must serve humankind and for a couple of interesting case studies let’s travel to china and see how the china’s government is getting behind a.i.

Actually improving the lives of chinese people take a look at this image from one of the smart city data centers in china that really manages the entire traffic flow ai cameras and smart cities can track the movement of all registered vehicles and can monitor crowd density and cleanliness of public spaces it can also use historical data from different areas of the city to help monitor crime and reduce traffic congestions.

Now one of the greatest problems facing china in the future is its rising aging population hundreds of millions of elderly people in china will need expert medical coverage in the future.

Chinese government is turning to ai to help solve this problem mobile clinics exactly like this one pictured here have now been distributed in over a thousand cities throughout china what this allows chinese citizens to do is simply open the booth sit down and interact with an ai-powered computer and help diagnose up to 2 000 common diseases.

How China government is innovating in public

Now as china is making its cities smarter and introducing innovative solutions like these mobile health clinics to help solve some of the country’s biggest problems there is a question that still remains can the west learn to trust china i believe that many people in the west don’t give china a fair chance.

For example last month i gave a tedx speech that had the word china in the title and simply by including the word china in the title there were many critics and many people were very septical on what the content of my speech was unfortunately we live in a very polarized world and i really truly believe that we are not giving china and its tech companies a legitimate fair chance.

People thoughts on Chinese technology

Many people always assume the worst from china this is a recent article from visual capitalist that ranked the top 50 most innovative companies in the world and if we scroll down we can look at number six the chinese tech giant huawei notice that little number to the right plus 42 that’s right in the span of 12 months

Huawei rose 42 spots to now ranking the number six most innovative company in the world now for a fascinating case study let’s go back to china and look specifically at the mining industry now anybody that knows the mining industry knows that mining is one of the most difficult unsafe and hardest jobs in the world especially for chinese workers who often had poor and unsafe working conditions but this is not just a china problem.

For example in this article from the uk’s guardian in 2020 miners around the world are still dying from black lung disease now huawei is primarily known for being a telecommunications equipment company.

They’re the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world and have pioneered the 5g technology however they saw a unique opportunity they saw that people’s lives were at danger and they decided to get involved in the mining industry an industry that is not their core business but what they have is the technology.

Chinese 5G technology

China 5G technology

Huawei has the 5g network they have ai and they were able to recently launch the intelligent mining innovation lab in shanxi in the future china’s mining industry is going to see phenomenal change less and less workers will be down in the mines where it’s dangerous and instead they’ll be up on the surface using these advanced 5g and ai technologies to actually do their work remotely.

It’s going to be a game changer for the mining industry so my belief is this if we’re going to learn to trust china and its tech companies why don’t we start with huawei the most successful tech company coming out of china today but you might be thinking to yourself wait a minute cyrus isn’t huawei the 5g network that was banned in the united states, the uk, australia and new zealand

Isn’t huawei’s cfo isn’t she currently under house arrest here in vancouver canada the very city that i live in fighting extradition to the united states because of national security well for some further perspective.

Let’s listen to some recent comments from mr renjang fei the founder of huawei himself some u.s politicians have concerns over the potential impact 5g may have on a global scale as i once pledged we would transfer all of our 5g technologies not just licensing production to others as long as the us asks for it.

We would transfer everything from the source programs and the source code to all the hardware design secrets and know-how and even the chip design i meant what i said but no u.s company has come forward.

I hope you can help us relay this message to u.s companies if they want to talk we would be happy to talk now these comments from huawei’s founder went largely unrecognized in western media but this is why i read the transcripts and i study chinese companies and this is why i have a website or a blog helping more people around the world truly understand china.

Is Chinese technology acceptable or not?

This is not about national security threat this is not about china this is simply about the united states wanting to maintain its position as number one but let me give you an example of how huawei respects the united states and one of the most successful companies in the world today the iphone 12 has been able to achieve download speeds of 1.82 gigabytes per second making it the best in the world.

We support the progress made by apple’s iphone 12. many high-end device users in europe use iphones and the way those phones operate on our networks in europe actually is a sign that we are also doing well the interesting thing about huawei is that they realize having competitors is actually a good thing take a look at this new adidas shirt that my friend bought me on taobao.

Is China technology acceptable or not?

It says meaning he’s strong let him be strong because competition is going to make me better and this is the mindset that good competitors good athletes and certainly good companies have we’re not afraid of competition competition makes us better instead.

Let’s learn to complement each other and let’s learn to work together now my final thoughts on this matter are this the world that we live in is very polarized many people assume the worst from china and never give china a fair chance.

We simply look at the communist party of china and just say it’s communist it’s not like us therefore it must be bad and as a result we like to write off a lot of the technologies and the future but this is the big difference who is going to be the big innovator for the world moving forward.

I personally do not believe that it’s going to be the united states don’t get me wrong there’s always going to be strong technologies and strong companies coming out of the united states but look at our government 53 percent of our budget is spent on military spending.

We know the united states is only going to increase the amount of wars that it does around the world and it is not going to be focusing on technology technology comes from the private sector in america on the contrast you have china’s government who sees technology as a way to improve people’s lives.

Chinese government is 100 supportive of ai cryptocurrency blockchain digital currencies all of these innovative things that are going to potentially make our world for the better.

For example last year china launched its own digital currency in various cities throughout china the next step china just announced that it will start launching its new digital currency in thailand.

Maybe the united states will one day have digital currency but if they do it’s going to be because china laid the groundwork and showed the way for the united states moving forward.

Is China going to have future technology?

I truly believe that china is going to have the future technology and i truly believe that if people want to see the future world that we live in we should be traveling to places like shenzhen which i believe is one of the most innovative and incredible cities in the world today.

So before we write off china and we simply say we can’t trust china why don’t we give them a fair chance why don’t we look at companies like huawei why don’t we look at other companies like pinghan who are making these mobile booths at the end of the day huawei and china’s companies are not national security threats.

They’re simply just looking to make their mark on the world exactly like apple and some of the most innovative companies. In america have let’s learn to work with china that’s the goal of this article and this is why i have a voice to do this because i believe that the future of our world depends on a healthy relationship with china and i believe that by partnering with china that’s also going to produce the best quality of life for citizens in america and other western countries around the world.


In this article, we have talked about the future of Chinese technology. How Chinese technology is going to become future and how this is helping there citizens. We have also discussed that we should believe on Chinese technology or not. You will find everything related to the Chinese technology and it’s future. It’s really very interesting to know that how Chinese technology is overtaking American technology.

If you found this article helpful then please share this with your friends and family. If you have any queries related to this topic then please let us know in the comment section below.


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