How to rank website higher organically in 2021

How to rank website higher organically in 2021
How to rank website higher organically in 2021

How to rank website higher organically on google in 2021

If you are also a blogger then you also need to know that how to rank website higher organically. If traffic is not coming in your website and you have to rank your site, then read this article completely. Through this blog I will tell you the best methods to rank website higher on google, if you follow all the step given in this article, then your website will start ranking on Google.

You must be patient to rank in Google and constantly have to work to improve your website and the steps which I have told you about how to rank website higher organically must followed step by step.

Why should google rank your website?

Before ranking in Google, you should know why Google should rank your website. If you understand this, then you will easily learn to rank your website.

How to rank website higher organically on google in 2021

Google only has to provide quality and value to its users and if Google gets all these things in your site then it will not have any problem in ranking your site. You have to keep in mind that you have to publish high quality and valuable content in your website.

Next I will tell you about some such legit methods by which you can rank website higher.

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Methods to rank website higher organically

So now we will know some such methods which you will follow, then your website will quickly rank in Google.

1. Publish high quality content

As I have already told you that Google has to provide quality and value to its users. If you publish high quality content in your website, Google will also rank you easily. If you do not know what quality content is, then let me tell you that high quality content is that in which you cover all queries of people and also provide additional information in it.

2. Target long tail keyword

This is one of the easiest ways to rank in Google that you target long tail keywords and create a quality content so that your post will rank in Google very quickly.

You can easily search long tail keyword, you can also convert short tail keywords to long tail keywords by using online tools. If you have found long tail keywords, you will have to place that keyword in a smart way to your post, which will make you easier to rank in Google.

3. Do on-page SEO

On-page SEO for rank website higher

You must know what SEO is and why on-page SEO plays such an important role in ranking a website. Basically, you have to optimize your posts with implementing meta titles, descriptions, and tags properly.

You have to make SEO friendly titles and descriptions by placing focus keywords on them in proper manner. Sometimes you doesn’t need to creat backlink for your articles to rank them on google if you have done a great work on your on-page SEO.

4. Create quality backlink

By creating quality backlink, your site has very good benefit. The more you create dofollow backlinks, the more Google will consider your sites as authority websites.

Creating backlink also brings traffic to your site and this makes your posts and site rank very fast. The best way to create a backlink is just guest posting only, which will give you very effective results.

5. Increase your CTR

If you want to rank website higher organically, then you should work to increase your CTR. If you have higher CTR then google will automatically rank your website as your website is the one what users are searching for.

To increase CTR, you will have to work in your on-page SEO where you prepare attractive meta titles and descriptions so that more and more users will click on your website.

So I have told you about all the methods by which you can rank website higher organically on google. I have explained you all the methods in a very simple way and all the methods are absolutely legit which anyone can follow and make their website rank on google.

Can I pay google for ranking my site?

Yes, you can run ads on google to rank your website on google. But it’s not the organic method to rank on google. You should do hardwork and follow all the steps given above to rank your website organically.

Can I pay google to rank website higher?

Ranking website higher by paid methods will not give you organic traffic as visitors will come in your website by ads. So, it’s my advice to you to rank website higher organically by following these organic methods.


In this article, we have talked about how to rank website higher organically on google. From these methods you can easily rank website higher. It’s really very important for a blogger to know all about these methods of ranking website on google.

If you found this article helpful then please share this post with your friends and family. If you have any queries related to this topic then please let us know in the comment section.

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