Khelo India Youth Games | khelo India 2021

Khelo India Youth Games | khelo India 2021

In India, there are many people who love sports and many of you also know about khelo India youth Games 2021. If you don’t know about it don’t worry. Today I’m going to talk about khelo India in details.

India has brought opportunities to make  a good career in the sports field for the youngsters of India by bringing this Champaign. Programmes like this and Fit India Movement has given a new phase to India. We can say that after the arrival of khelo India youth games, India and its public have benefited a lot and will continue to happen and what is the reason for this, I will tell you further in this article.

What is Khelo India Youth Games?

Khelo India Youth Games or Khelo India School Games is the best steps taken by the government of India for development of sports culture in India. It was started in 2018 by the then Sports Colonel. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore Delhi. This program is meant to enhance the culture of India.

It is organized in two categories, that is under-17 years students and under-21 year students in the starting of January or February. And it also provides scholarship of ₹  5 lakh for 8 years to the best 1000 players to make their preparation runs smoothly and well without any problem.

What is the aim of khelo India Youth Games?

The aim of this programme is to promote sports culture allover the India. With this scheme, the government also wants to help those students who are financially very weak but they have mastered the games and sports field.

One of its aims is to change the thinking of parents who think that there is no career in sports, this scheme tries its best to change that thinking. The country also benefits from this programme, the name of the country also become bright because this scheme helps a lot in selecting the best players of India, due to which they can easily selects players for international level games.

Which games are included in khelo India Youth Games?

There are over 21 types of games included in khelo India Youth Games. It is a very good thing that many types of games are conducted in this program.

List of games which are included in khelo India Youth Games are:-

1. Kabaddi

2. Boxing

3. Kho-kho

4. Basketball

5. Judo

6. Swimming

7. Thang-Ta

8. Badminton

9. Athletics

10. Gatka

11. Mallakhamba

12. Kalaripayattu

13. Volleyball

14. Wrestling

15. Football

16. Weightlifting

17. Archery

18. Hockey

19. Tennis

20. Rugby

21. Fencing

So, here are some of the major sports event that are conducted by the government of India in this programme.

How to participate in this scheme?

If you have to participate in this scheme, then you will have to go to the official page of Khelo India and fill all the details in the registration portal and after the submission, they will review your details.

Registration doesn’t mean you are selected. It is based only on ranking system under AIU, SGFI, CBSE and NSF. If you have played these competition before then their is a lot of chance of yours to become a participant of khelo India Youth Games.

Who will host khelo India in 2021?

In 2021, Haryana is going to host the fourth edition of this scheme. Haryana is one of the best state in India in terms of sports. They have very good collection of sportsperson in their state.

Haryana has performed very well in previous edition of this programme. They had secured the 2nd position in third and second edition of this programme. In 2018, they won this programme with overall 102 medals.

Impact of this programme on India

This program has shown a very good impact in India, where in India parents used to think sports is not a Carrier option, nowadays they are encouraging their kids for sports.

It’s really a very great move taken by government. In India today, very good arrangements are made for sports in the entire school. I think this program will start the new era of sports culture in India.


In this article, we have talked about khelo India Youth Games. How this programme is changing Indian mentality towards sports culture, etc.

We have answered all the queries related to this topic. If you found this article helpful, then please share this with your friends and family. If you have any queries then please let us know in the comment section.

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