Nord VPN pc: how to use nord VPN on a PC 2021

Nord VPN pc: how to use nord VPN on a PC 2021

How to use Nord VPN on the PC. Now if you’re new to VPN, you will find this amazing article to be helpful as I’ll be explaining some of the functions and features of Nord VPN, so that you can better utilize Nord VPN by understanding what it does. And this information will also apply to other VPNs that share the same features.

How to use Nord vpn on pc 2021?

So once you open the application, you’ll find a map view and a list of countries and servers on the side. And to connect to any of them.

Simply click on your country of choice either on the map or you could use the search bar or list on the side. And that’s how you change your IP address and access different servers.

There are well over 5000 servers in 59 countries in Nord VPN, so you definitely got some variety to choose from.

About all other options on Nord vpn 2021?

Now let’s get you to understand what all of the other options are for and I’ll start with the specialty servers, dedicated IP servers will give you access to a few dedicated IPS with fewer traffic in them and much less load a dedicated IP will allow you to always return to the same virtual location an IP address.

And if you need a personal IP address, you can even request your own dedicated IP from Nord VPN for $70.

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About double Nord vpn 2021

A year double VPN will route your connection through two servers or two different IP addresses rather than just one for an extra layer of security. But that will of course come at the cost of lower speeds.

So if your base speed isn’t quick enough, this might not be an ideal feature for you. Onion over VPN servers will allow your traffic to go through one of Nord servers, pass through the onion network and then reach the internet.

And that will link you to the Tor network without having to download the Tor Browser.

Peer to Peer servers specifically cater towards peer to peer activities such as torrenting. But that’s not to say that normal servers don’t support torrenting. In my personal experience, I found that regular servers more often than not, are faster than peer to peer servers when it comes to downloading torrents.

But you may have a different experience depending on your connection.

More features provided by Nord vpn 2021

So already Nord vpn is offering features more than most VPNs. And I haven’t even checked the settings yet, where in the General tab you will find a few options, the most notable of which the cyber sec option which you’ll want to toggle on since you can never go wrong with keeping it on despite how effective it may or may not be.

For maximum ad blocking, you’ll want to combine that with an independent ad blocker. In the next tab. The first option will give you the choice of which network you’d like to connect to when you launch Nord VPN.

And in the protocols list, you’ll find three protocols to choose from, and you can just select the automatic option.

How to understand Nord vpn protocols?

But if you want to understand these protocols a little bit more and what therefore, the recommended option which is Nord links, which is nords wire Guard Base protocol, wire guard protocols are fairly recent, but they are rather advanced in their speed and security and surpass open VPN quite a bit in speed and they use less battery on mobile devices.

And that’s definitely the one you’re going to want to use if you want the best experience overall.

Nord vpn for pc 2021 details

Now the open VPN UDP protocol is the one you’ll want to choose if you want to go for the proven protocol in terms of security while maintaining high speeds.

Since the independent audits that took place in the past were done on the open VPN protocol and it is evidently the protocol to choose when prioritizing security.

Now TCP will offer even more security, but at significantly lower speeds which is why it is not used very often.

Now in the kill switch tab, you will find the traditional kill switch which you will find in most reliable VPNs which will sever your internet connection in case your VPN connection disconnects for any unexpected reason, which will prevent your information from getting leaked when you least expected.

Especially if you don’t want your ISP to pry on your traffic. If you’re living in a country with strict online censorship or laws. Nord also has another type of kill switch called the AP kill switch. And this is for those of you who don’t want their entire connection to get cut, but rather just have selected applications terminated when the VPN disconnects.

That can be useful when torrenting for example, but you’re also streaming and don’t want your stream to stop in the case where the VPN disconnects.

The app kill switch can also be paired with split tunneling, which will let you choose which apps will use the VPN and which won’t say you want to torrent but you only want your torrenting client to use the VPN.

This will allow you to do that without affecting your general network and in the final tab, which hosts to useful features.

Custom DNS Nord vpn 2021

Custom DNS This gives users an easy way to change their DNS on the fly. People use different DNS servers for many reasons, one of which is to increase connection speeds.

For example, if you’re having trouble with your ISP is clogged up servers, you could use a different DNS to improve your connection.

Many people use tthepopular Google DNS servers and depending on your location and how close you are to the servers, you might get slightly better connection speeds.

obfuscated servers are used to bypass VPN blocking firewalls. A VPN will remove all information related to a VPN from your data so that it looks like regular data packets.

That way, your ISP won’t be able to tell that you’re using a VPN in the first place. And while this mode is on, it will limit you to a handful of servers. Though this will only be useful to those that live in restrictive countries with strict censorship laws. Previously obfuscated servers only worked with open VPN UDP. But in the recent update, they changed that to TCP which can help with security but will significantly cut down on your speed. Though having asked Nord support, they did state that this is a temporary change as they’re running some maintenance on their servers and that UDP will be able to run the obfuscated servers again soon.

LAN on Nord vpn 2021

And lastly, in visibility on LAN will give you the option to be invisible on the local network, though you want to keep this one off if you have any wireless connections to your PC, such as printers, TVs or other PCs. And that concludes the video now that you have a better understanding of what nords features can offer. Hopefully you can make use of and take full advantage of every feature.


In this article, we have talked about Nord VPN pc: how to use nord VPN on a PC 2021. Nord vpn is one of the most popular and best vpn service. Nord vpn is paid type of vpn service which you can use and enjoy many useful features. We have also discussed about how to use nord VPN on pc in 2021 and many features provided by Nord vpn 2021. Read this article completely to know more about nord VPN 2021.

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Nord VPN pc: how to use nord VPN on a PC 2021 - Till Today

Nord VPN pc: how to use nord VPN on a PC 2021| What is Nord vpn 2021 and how to use nord VPN on pc 2021. Nord vpn is best and popular vpn.

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