Speed Optimization: How to make website fast in 2021

Speed Optimization: How to make website fast in 2021
Speed Optimization: How to make website fast in 2021

If you are a blogger and are worried that your site is not loading fast, it is not working fast, then you should read this article fully, I will tell you how to do speed Optimization of the website or how to  make your website superfast, that too for free.

Due to the slowing down of the website you may face a lot of problems such as your site will not rank in Google and it will not get traffic again which can cause you a lot of problems, so it is very important to do speed optimization.

Read this article in full, I am going to give you complete details in it that how can you make your website fast, that too in free, so that you will get a lot of benefits.

What is speed optimization of the website?

Speed ​​optimization of the website means optimizing the speed of the website so that it works fast and its performance becomes very quick, which will also improve the authority of your website.

What is speed optimization

Speed ​​optimization is going to be a very big factor. Google is also very keen to get website ranked very carefully. Nowadays, it is very important to have a speed of website fast. Speed ​​Optimization also proves very beneficial for your seo so that your site easily ranks in top searches.

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Benefits of Speed Optimization of the website

There are lots of benefits of speed optimization of the website.

1. If you have a great speed it will help users to get a better experience in your site. As we all know everyone wants their work to be get done in minimum time. If you have a great website speed you will definitely give users a great experience in your website.

2. Speed optimization of the website also helps you to get more and more sales if you have a e-commerce website. Users will love to buy from a website that works so rapidly.

Benefits of speed optimization

3. Google also ranks website which loads in very short interval of time. Google things that people loves to visit website that has a great speed that’s why google will rank your website if you have superfast website.

4. It will also help you to drive more traffic. As we have already discussed that people loves to get their work done quickly. If you have a fast website then everytime people will see your website on the search engines they will go for you, it will help you to get more and more visitors.

5. Speed optimization of the website also help you to make your SEO better. It is really very important for us to understand that if your website is fast then your SEO optimization will also become better due to fast performance of the website.

So I have told you all the benefits of the Speed optimization of the website. It is very important factor to make your website an authority site. Further we will see how to make our website fast for free in some simple ways.

How to do speed optimization of the website?

So I have told you what is speed optimization and what benefits do you get from it and now I will tell you how you can make your website fast.

1. Use webp image format

Webp is one of the newest image format that makes image more compressive and lite. If you are using webp images in your website then you have already noticed the impact of it in your website. Due to its lite weight your website will work faster. Compared with PNG, the size of WebP lossless images is 26% smaller.

2. Always use mobile optimized user-friendly theme

It’s also one of the most important factor to keep in mind while speeding up your website. Theme plays a vital role in speed optimization process, you should always use lite weight Mobile optimized user-friendly theme on your website. This type of themes take less than a second to load completely. This will make your site superfast and lite weight themes are also clean and simple with beautiful interface.

3. Delete unnecessary plugins and file

It is important to keep your website clean and load free by deleting or uninstalling unnecessary plugins and files that are consuming storage in your database. By doing so you will make your website work fast and smooth.

4. Always clear cache and minified CSS/JS

How to do speed optimization of your website

You should always clear cache of your website to make it run faster and you should also clear minified CSS/JS to avoid such scripts from making your website slow. You will get many plugins to clear your cache and minified CSS/JS  for free. This plugins help you to clear your website cache and minified CSS/JS by single click only and it makes your work more and more easy.

5. Choose best hosting service

As we all know web hosting is one of the most important factor for your website. If you are using best web hosting then you will automatically get a faster website. You should always choose best web hosting by seeing their bandwidth, speed and support services.

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So I have told you some methods that you can follow and make your website superfast, that too very easily and by doing this traffic will also come in your site and it will also rank quickly on search engines.

Is speed optimization decide future of website

Yes, speed optimization will definitely decides the future of your website. In up coming times search engines will only rank website which takes less than a second to load completely. Because we all know people loves fast things and people are also searching for fast websites which they will surf faster. speed optimization will take over all the others factor of ranking on search engines. It’s really a very high time that every blogger should work on their website speed for their website better success.

How much does website speed optimization cost?

As I have already told you speed optimization will decide future of your website. Many people will start hiring a speed optimization expert in upcoming years. Its cost will start increase according to its demand.

In 2021, the cost of page speed optimization services will be between $50 and $12,000. The price depends on a variety of features, including the size and format of your website and the experience and service plan of the service provider. Although some agencies charge a fixed rate, most page speed optimization prices are charged by the hour or no. of working days.


In this article, we have talked about Speed optimization of your website. We have learned many things in this article as how to increase website speed and future of speed optimization, etc. We are clear about our thoughts that speed optimization will take over the world of website in upcoming years. It’s our recommendation to start working on your website speed to make your website successful in every aspects.

If you found this article helpful then please share this with your friends and family. If you have any queries related to this topic then please let us know in the comment section.

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